Doves in Maria Luisa Parque

Catching the doves spreading their wings in this tiled fountain was more difficult than adjusting the intensity of the colors.

Koller Muller Park, Netherlands

If you admire the landscapes of the northern European masters, you can't help but notice their handling of light. Golden and deep.


This lovely face belongs to a statue reclining by a fountain at King Ludwig's Palace on the Chiemsee. The background was blurred to focus on the face.


It was a gray day, with no highlights, and no blue in the water. Filters were used to create highlights and color.

Afternoon in an Egyptian Courtyard

To capture the mood of a hot afternoon when the temperatures begin to fall, filters were used to increase the yellows.

Bejeweled Pelican

The sun on the stones in the pond created a background of glistening jewels for this resting pelican. Filters were used to highlight the feathers and add color.

Basket Maker

I bought the basket.

Twisted Dreams

The vines twist around the tree like limbs.

Candy Store

Easter candy store window, Spain.

Surreal Malaga

The man, the buildings... surreal.

Chicago Panaroma

Buildings create the most marvelous textures, and HDR filters can be used to bring them out.

Navy Pier, Chicago

What's more iconic than the Navy Pier sign and Ferris Wheel? Posterized to highlight the primary colors.