Luis Macharé

A graduate of the prestigious Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Lima, Peru, Luis built a career that spans three continents, working as an illustrator, cartoonist, fine artist and designer throughout South America, the United States and Europe.

Artists never stop following their passion, so after retiring from his position at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he continued to develop stories and artwork for the travel section, create portraits and murals on commission, teach fine art and work as a freelance illustrator. Read more

Mary Macharé

I am the left brain of the threesome. In my work, I try to find the little twist that sparks a connection, a wave of delight. When not otherwise occupied with developing brands, logos, packaging and trade show displays for our Machare & Associates design firm, I travel with Luis in search of inspiration.

Wherever we go, the camera is in my hand, capturing the little things that inspire awe or make me smile. And because I love to tinker, I often play in Photoshop to create unique digital artwork, available as prints at Fine Art America.

Philippe Macharé

Philippe, a student, shares a love for art, sketching in notebooks that are always by his side. His drawings are often playful, full of detail and hidden meaning. He works in pencil, pen & ink, marker, oil on canvas, pastel and spray paint. He has also designed chairs, painted murals for restaurants and created tatoo designs for friends.